On behalf of the Colorado 14ers, thank you to the 35 amazing girls who participated in our 12AA tournament team evaluation skate. As you know, this was a very competitive atmosphere with representation from 6 different associations! Thank you for showing up and giving it your all! 

The following players have been selected to represent the Colorado 14ers as 12UAA tournament players! 

Narelle Lai
Aurora Hussey
Mara Gassman
Kuylie Kim
Susanna Mcnish
Isabella Choi
Bellina Huang
Meredith Eagen
Haiden Wagner
Anna Caton
Bailey Barrett
Kaia Hewitt
Kira Gray
Addyson Cavera
Matilda Griffiths
Ella Story
Quinn Hall
Carsyn Lien
Shea Shorland (Goalie Alternate)

Please know that if you did not make the roster, there will be opportunities to have guest players on some of our tournament weekend! If you would like to be part of the Colorado 14ers 12A regular season team, please contact me directly for more information.

Thank you!

Hannah Westbrook
Director of Hockey Operations